Demolition of the Northern building internal structure has commenced and expected to be completed by 23 November.

It is now time to start considering the movement of all gear and equipment from the Southern downstairs area. This will allow us to clear out the Southern downstairs area and temporarily relocate gear and equipment. Construction/demolition of the Southern area is due to commence around January / February 2019.

Assess the current equipment; there is some obsolete gear and equipment that will need to be removed permanently.

A Coordination team, Earl Rennie, Adrian Anderson and Brian Fisher, will systematically control the temporary removal and storage of the equipment from the Southern building. Their role is to liaise with Key Personnel and individual stakeholders to ensure the best usage of the temporary space and to minimise the impact on life saving activities. Some equipment will be stored in the newly renovated Northern building and other items to be stored in containers.

The Coordination team will liaise with Key Personnel such as:

  • Richard McWhinney and Ross Burgess - IRB / ATV
  • Peter Wilkinson - surfboat
  • Chad Dagwell – Nipper gear and equipment
  • Toni O’Donoghue and Stuart Barnett- Gear room (patrol gear, training gear, First Aid)
  • Peter Brown - Gym / Lockers
  • Peter Brown - Rescue boards
  • Peter Brown - Office space
  • Geoff Padgett - Cellar

Key Personnel are to identify all equipment and gear in their areas that will need to be stored so the Coordination team can consider storage requirements. (Due 30 November)

Quotes for containers are being sourced. Priority for temporary use of the Northern building will be for Life Saving services and Nippers. 

Members should be aware of WHS requirements and ensure that any movement of gear or equipment is performed in a safe manner. Lifting excessive weight is to be avoided and any concerns are to be raised with the Club Executive.