Junior Committee

The Junior Activities Committee is made up of Nipper parents who are all volunteers.


The Junior Activities AGM is held in April each year.

2020 - 2021 Season Committee
Junior Activities Co-ordinator - Lia Bundy - nippers@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Registrar - Sinead Burtonnippers.registrar@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Finance Officer/Secretary - Cassie Criss - nippers.secretary@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Age Manager Co-ordinator  - Ben Parsons nippers.agemanager@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Lifesaving Officer (Water Safety) - Marc Henty - nippers.watersafety@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Surf Sports/Carnival Manager - ???? -  nippers.surfsports@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Merchandise - Marcia Keenan nippers.merchandise@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Social Events Co-ordinator - Vacantnippers.social@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Beach Manager /Gear Steward - Matt Bundy

Junior Activities Fundraising and Sponsorship Co-ordinator - Hayley Stathis - nippers.fundraising@dixonparkslsc.com.au

If you have any questions regarding nippers please see one of the committee members and we will be more than happy to help.