Junior Committee

The Junior Activities Committee is made up of Nipper parents who are all volunteers.

The Committee meets once a month and the meeting is open to all Nipper families. If you have any suggestions or issues you wish to discuss, you are very welcome to come along and join us! Contact nippers.secretary@dixonpark.com.au for dates and times.

The Junior Activities AGM is normally held in April each year.

2020 - 2021 Season Committee

Junior Activities Chairperson
Ben Parsons - nippers@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Registrar
Sinead Burton nippers.registrar@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Finance Officer/Secretary 
Cassie Criss - nippers.secretary@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Age Manager Coordinator 
Ben Parsons 

Junior Activities Lifesaving Officer (Water Safety)
Marc Henty - nippers.watersafety@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Surf Sports/Carnival Manager - VACANT  nippers.surfsports@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Merchandise
Marcia Keenan nippers.merchandise@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Social Events Coordinator

Junior Activities Beach Manager /Gear Steward

Junior Activities Fundraising and Sponsorship Coordinator
Hayley Stathis - nippers.fundraising@dixonparkslsc.com.au

Junior Activities Assistant Registrar
San Leung - nippers.registrar@dixonparkslsc.com.au


If you have any questions regarding Nippers, please see one of the committee members and we will be more than happy to help.