Nipper Swim and Carnival Proficiency Information – 2024 - 2025 Season

Proficiency Requirements

Preliminary Evaluations are required to be completed prior to starting nippers each year. This is not a proficiency process, but a skills evaluation to enable clubs to determine the level of water safety to provide for participants.

Any child that does not meet the required evaluation level will require a higher level of supervision when involved in water-based activities at the discretion of the Club. 

If you missed the September pool swim held at Charlestown Pool, a qualified and accredited swim coach can complete the evaluation. In this instance, swimming coaches are required to provide their Australian Swimming Teachers and Coaches Associate (ASTCA) number, their name and email address and the name of the children who have successfully completed the evaluation. Refer to the document on the right containing the evaluation to be conducted for each age group, plus the swim form template that can be printed and signed off by the swim coach (page 9). Please download and forward the completed form to

Additional Competition Skills Assessment for those Nippers wanting to participate at carnivals

We do encourage all our Nippers to have a go at the carnival/competition proficiency. Carnivals are a great way to bond with your fellow Nippers, have fun, and represent your Club! 

From the age of 8 (Under 9) juniors can begin to compete in intra-club, inter-club, branch and state competition. To ensure that all junior members that wish to compete in any inter-club, branch, state and national events/championships have the required ability, strength and fitness to compete they must be able to complete Junior Activities Competition Evaluation for their age group.

Competition proficiency (ocean swim) can be held during the Nipper session. Please let your age manager know you are interested in competing at carnivals. We will advise carnival dates throughout the season.

Branch and State Competition Requirements

Any competitor wishing to compete at Branch or State carnivals (water and/or beach events) must
have successfully completed:
• Junior Preliminary Evaluation
• Junior Competition Evaluation
• Appropriate Surf Education award for their age group by 31 December 2024.