Sunday Morning Nippers Information

Nippers Parent Information Session Presentation 17th October 2019

Slides Available by clicking HERE

General Sunday Morning Information

Dixon Park Nippers commences at 9:15 and finishes at 11am on the nominated Sunday mornings outlined in the Nippers calendar.

Nippers is on regardless of the weather (Unless notified otherwise on Facebook or via Surfguard SMS) – theory is covered when weather conditions prevent beach activities.

Dixon Park Surf Club skulls caps are mandatory to participate at Nippers.

All U/8s to U/14s must wear a pink Hi-Vis singlet when attending Nippers.

All children must have their attendance recorded at the start of nippers.

All children must have a parent present before they are signed out at the end of nippers .

Nippers must complete the required Junior Preliminary Skills Assessment (pool proficiency) for their age group before they can participate in water activities.

Nippers Desk

The Nippers desk is open from 8:30am to 9:15am and 11am to 11:30am each Sunday morning that Nippers activities are held.

The Nippers desk is the place for:

  • Registration and general queries in relation to Nippers
  • Sale of Club Merchandise
  • Registration for Branch Carnivals
  • Lost and Found