Nippers Code of Conduct

Dixon Park SLSC Nippers Code of Conduct

At Dixon Park Nippers we have an organised structure to run our programs and provide resources for our Nippers to utilise and learn.

During the season and on Sundays we encourage ‘everyone’ to participate, whether you are getting started in the surf as a Nipper, helping with water safety or on the beach as a parent.

We promote building our Nipper’s skills to give them confidence and proficiency to enjoy the beach.

We provide an environment for both competition and confidence building activities.

The Nippers code of conduct has been put together so all participants (Nippers, Age Managers and parents) are aware of what is expected from them when they join our club.

By registering as a Nipper, the Nipper and their parent / carer is deemed to agree to this code of conduct.

By agreeing to become an Age Manager, the Age Manager is deemed to agree with this code of conduct.


As a Dixon Park SLSC Nipper I commit to:

  • Participating in Nippers because I enjoy the sport
  • Aim to have fun and improve my ability
  • Listen carefully to the instructions and directors of my Age Managers
  • Always follow the rules and respect the ocean and conditions
  • Never use bad language towards my Age Manager, fellow Nippers, parents, competitors or any member of the public.
  • Be a good sport and control my temper
  • Not throw sand during Nipper activities
  • Respect my fellow Nippers and never use physical or verbal abuse towards them
  • Respect decision made by my Age Manager(s) and official’s
  • Treat my fellow Nippers and competitors as I would like to be treated

In the event of a Nipper or group of Nippers displaying bad behaviour and their actions are deemed to be a breach of the code of conduct the Age Manager may sit the Nipper out of activities. If the behaviour of the Nipper is deemed a continual and serious breach of the code of conduct, their parent will be informed and asked to accompany their Nipper during the rest of the nippers session (or until the Age Manager decides that the Nipper may return to the group as normal).

 Nippers will also:

  • Wear their club caps at all times during club activities.
  • Wear their PINK rashie before entering the water 
  • Apply sunscreen and bring my drink bottle for nipper activities
  • Wear their club tee-shirt before and after nippers and when representing the club at carnivals

Age Managers

Age Managers are responsible for the care, safety, wellbeing and development of the junior surf lifesaver. They are responsible for facilitating the development of surf lifesaving skills and play a fundamental role in the development of a learning program that encourages and develops young surf lifesavers.

An Age Manager will:

  • Agree to abide by the code of conduct
  • Be responsible for the overall safety and well-being of the group
  • Be responsible for the group’s learning
  • Take time to plan and prepare the activities delivered to the group
  • Foster a collaborative approach to the management of the group
  • Ensure the group understands the rules and that they are in place for their safety
  • Instill enjoyment and fun in what they do
  • When Nippers participate in competitions sportsmanship is a priority
  • Create an environment that is easy for parents to become involved
  • Never ridicule or criticise the Nippers about their performance
  • Be a positive role model for the Nippers and the club
  • Show appreciation for good performance by all participants

Parents and Carers

The role of parents is critical to the young person’s wellbeing and ongoing involvement. Supportive parents provide essential care, education and enthusiasm. A challenge for parents is getting the right balance between disinterest and overbearing involvement, and being able to read their child’s changing support needs. Age Managers are encouraged to provide a full briefing to parents during the season outlining the age managers’ expectations in relation to supporting the children and assisting with activities.

A Parent/Carer of a junior member will:

  • Agree to abide by the code of conduct
  • Remember that their child participates in surf life saving for their own enjoyment
  • Focus on their child’s efforts and performance rather than winning and losing
  • Show appreciation for good performance by all participants
  • Understand that the age managers are in control of the Nippers group
  • Assist, only if expressly instructed by the group age manager, to help run an activity e.g. markers/turning buoys for wade events, assist with putting in flags for flag events.
  • Never instruct the Nippers unless expressly asked by the age manager. This includes instructing the Nippers to enter the water or instructing the Nippers to move from one activity to another.
  • Never ridicule or yell at their child or other children for making a mistake
  • Respect officials and Age Managers decisions and teach their children to do likewise
  • Remain with their child’s group during Nipper activities
  • Ensure that they do not remove their child from the group without the Age Manager marking the Nipper off the sign in / sign out sheet
  • Not physically or verbally abuse or harass anyone associated with the activities (eg. coach, official, age manager, etc.)
  • Recognise and respect the efforts of volunteers
  • Be a positive role model for others

From time to time, committee members or age managers may need to deal with difficult parents who are being unsupportive, abusive, rude, etc. Parents that are deemed to have breached the code of conduct may be asked to leave the beach while Nippers are being held.


In the event of a dispute, the clubs grievance officer may be contacted to mediate.