Building Project Update #2 – 25/10/18

Building Project Update #2 – 25/10/18 IMAGE

Building Project Update #2 – 25/10/18

Dear Club Members & Family,


This communication is the second of a series of updates until completion of the building refurbishment work on DPSLSC facilities.


As planned by City of Newcastle (CN) (previously referred to as NCC), work commenced this week on the Club spaces in the northern building. Briefly, the scope includes removal of internal walls, construction of an external roller door entry from the carpark, a single toilet and shower, renewal or refit of electrical / lighting and painting. See photos of work in progress. We are very appreciative of the professionalism and approach by key CN staff involved in this project.


The tender submission stage for the refurbishment of the lower level of the southern building closes at the end of October. We are working on the temporary relocation plan to the refurbished Club space in the northern building and if required, other temporary accommodation – details TBA.


We seek your patience with the limited member / operational facilities over the coming months, but the outcome will be better for the Club and in turn, enhance our capability to provide our community service.


If you have questions or would like to discuss, please contact Paul Murray (President) on 0418266852 or Peter Brown (Director of Administration) on 0423537651


Kind regards,


DPSLSC Executive Committee


DPSLSC Building Project Control Committee