Bronze Medallion Training

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Bronze Medallion Training

The next Bronze Medallion course at Dixon Park SLSC will commence with registration and induction at 6pm on Wednesday 2 October, 2019 in the downstairs training room of the Dixon Park Surf Club.

Details: See Education and Training


The cost of the course is $250.00 inclusive of Club membership of $90.00. Payment will need to be made on the registration night so that you can be provided with materials.  It is a pre requisite of the course that you be able to complete a 400m pool swim in under 9 minutes and be prepared to undertake Patrols at Dixon Park beach during the surf lifesaving season.


The course will include CPR, Advanced resuscitation, Spinal injury management, radio operators and first aid tuition with these elements being undertaken at the surf club on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. The water elements include a run-swim-run (200m-200m-200m) in the surf,  Rescue Tube rescue and a Rescue Board rescue. The water elements will be undertaken on Sunday mornings at 8am for approximately 1.5 hours per session subject to the conditions.  

Please note that you will need to be available to attend the great majority of dry and wet sessions.


The assessment will be conducted during the course and will also involve a final “dry” assessment and a “wet” assessment to take place at Stockton beach.


Because the Hunter Branch Clubs are trialling a new method of training for the Bronze Medallion there may be some changes to the above, this will be known by the date of the registration day.


For further information please contact Stuart Barnett, Chief Training Officer at